Ship Building - NONE - 1M 550 Wind Sailing & Gathering
Wind Sailing Ship Building 1H 600 Piracy & Multiple Masts
Gathering Ship Building 4H 600 Cultivation & Fishing
Piracy Wind Sailing 8H 650 - NONE -
Multiple Masts Wind Sailing 10H 650 Steam Ships & Iron Hulls
Cultivation Gathering 12H 650 Plantations
Fishing Gathering 16H 600 Industrial Fishing
Steam Ships Multiple Masts 20H 700 Oceanic Trade
Iron Hulls Multiple Masts 1D 6H 750 Naval Warfare & Submersibles
Plantations Cultivation 1D 700 Mass Tourism
Industrial Fishing Fishing 1D 800 Fish Farming, Marine Biology & Marine Industry
Oceanic Trade Steam Ships 1D 6H 850 Global Trade
Naval Warfare Iron Hulls 2D 1000 Naval Assault
Submersibles Iron Hulls 1D 16H 900 - NONE -
Mass Tourism Plantations 1D 8H 760 Ecotourism
Fish Farming Industrial Fishing 1D 12H 850 - NONE -
Marine Biology Industrial Fishing 1D 12H 760 Conservation
Marine Industry Industrial Fishing 1D 16H 900 Manmade Islands

Global Trade

Oceanic Trade 2D 6H 1100 - NONE (yet) -
Conservation Marine Biology 2D 1000 - NONE (yet) -
Naval Assault Iron Hulls 2D 12H 1250 - NONE (yet) -
Ecotourism Mass Tourism 2D 1000 - NONE (yet)-
Manmade Islands Marine Industry

2D 12H

1250 - NONE (yet)-

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