Markets are for acquiring sand dollars and increasing your trade stat. You can gain more markets by increasing your boundaries.

Standard MarketsEdit

BUILDING XP Price Gain Trade Build Time Size
Rice Patty 14 Icon-xp gain 105 Cityofwonderssanddollars 12 per 1h 1 Icon-Naval Power 42 Icon-trade 3m 1x1
Taro Paddy 23 Icon-xp gain 241 Cityofwonderssanddollars 22 per 1h 1 Icon-Naval Power 72 Icon-trade 3m 1x1
Pineapple Fields 25 Icon-xp gain 200 Cityofwonderssanddollars 31 per 90m 1 Icon-Naval Power 80 Icon-trade 5m 1x1
Fishing Pier 52 Icon-xp gain 410 Cityofwonderssanddollars 40 per 2h 2 Icon-Naval Power 164 Icon-trade 5m 1x2
Sugarcane Fields 82 Icon-xp gain 655 Cityofwonderssanddollars 80 per 6h 1 Icon-Naval Power 262 Icon-trade 10m 1x1
Cannery 113 Icon-xp gain 900 Cityofwonderssanddollars 120 per 12h 2 Icon-Naval Power 360 Icon-trade 30m 2x2
Casino 182 Icon-xp gain 1,450 Cityofwonderssanddollars 150 per 18h 2 Icon-Naval Power 580 Icon-trade 30m
Sea Port 232 Icon-xp gain 1,850 Cityofwonderssanddollars 200 per 24h 2 Icon-Naval Power 740 Icon-trade 1h

Gold and timed gold itemsEdit

BUILDING XP Price Gain Trade Build Time Size
Sunglasses Hut 440 Icon-xp gain 44 Cityofwondersgold 1750 per 24h 5 Icon-Naval Power 950 Icon-trade 5s
Beach Hotel 390 Icon-xp gain 39 Cityofwondersgold 1500 per 24h 4 Icon-Naval Power 880 Icon-trade 5s

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