Water Colony

The Water Colony was the second city made available for gameplay by the developers of City of Wonder.

These areas/subjects create the gameplay for the Water Colonies area:

Game mechanics are similar for all cities.

These items are "city Specific":

  • Currencies
  • Research Technologies (subjects) *
  • Buildings
  • Expeditions
  • Inventory
  • Happiness
  • Marvels

You may have 3 Legends active for each city unlocked. (example: You may have a Marco Polo, Emperior Qin, and Lenin active in the Main City while having a Maccabee, Emperior Qin and Brahms active in the Water Colonies. Cards may be duplicated as long as they are used only once in each city.

* The method for completing research is the same for all cities. Currency used to begin research study on a particular Technology is city specific (example: It requires Sand Dollars to research technologies in the Water Colonies and requires Silver Coins to research technologies in the Main City).

Important Water Colonies DetailsEdit

  • You can begin your water colony by researching Colonization under the research tab for 5 minutes.
  • You can use 3 legends in your water colony while using 3 legends in your main city.
  • You can only do a single research in one region at a time. Research may not be ongoing in multiple regions.
  • Sand dollars are the currency of the water colonies and are used to purchase most building items.
  • Expeditions that have been earned can be used only in the region they are earned in.
  • Goods buildings are purchased using Silver. Running the goods buildings also cost silver. Revenue earned from the Goods Buildings is collected in the form of Sand Dollars.
  • Research - There are all new technologies available for research in the Water Colonies area.

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