Hi everyone, Welcome to the City of Wonder Wiki for the facebook game. This wiki was initially created by Username: "CityofWonderWiki" and from what I've been able to discover, was created with a few basic pages and locked down by the original bureaucrat. There are several steps and criteria that must be met in order to change bureaucrats, and I've started the process to request that I replace the original creator as the current bureaucrat of this wiki. In my opinion there are limited reasons for ever locking wiki pages, the main one being if the page is a navigation portal and allowing anyone to change it would potentially render some areas of the wiki inaccessable to the general public, therefore I feel that having the data pages locked where the admin folks are seeking public input to maintain or develop it is pretty much unacceptable. Our hands have been tied when attempting to update or change several of the data pages, and after no response from the original creator, we've decided to request this change from the Wika Community. If they agree, I'll post the update and unlock all data pages as soon as possible. Additionally, I'll begin the process to merge our other City of Wonder wiki so that repeatative updates won't be necessary. If there is anyone else who feels that they would meet the requirements, qualifications, and are willing to provide the time necessary to maintain this project, please let me know either on my talk page or via this blog. It's my opinion that the position is just a tool in that having the permissions that go along with the position, is a position of servatude not authority. I'm here to help, and if anyone else wants to help, the more the merrier! I'll let you know once I've gotten a response from Wikia. Until then, I bid you "Happy Gaming"!

Councellor M2B 19:12, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

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