Here are some tips for Google+'s users.

Circle strategy

It would be useful to create 2 circles. Name it : City of Wonder and City of Wonder (new allies).



Why ?

Google+ offers capacity to share posts with only few peoples. As City of Wonder lets you publish a lot of content, aim at specific people is useful not to annoy too many people.

Sharing strategy

In City of Wonder you will be frequently asked to share events with your friends. Google+ forces posts to appear in Games' stream and allows you to share it only with specific people. So it's easy to aim only at people concerned with this game.

Specific sharing

Specific share

Some proposed shares aim only at a person. In this case, you don't have to do anything else to accept it.

Mass sharing

Mass shares

Other events are asked to be shared with people you choose. However it appears in Games' stream only you can send it to some specific friends. Just choose the circle you created.

Marvels help asking

When you build a Marvel you have to ask some allies' help. You have two ways to ask them to help you.

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