The State Fair is a Mainland Building Recipe.

Building Size: 2x2

Research Requirements: none

Available at: level 25

Gain: 11,400 happiness + 1,140 culture

Price: award building

Sell value: cannot be sold

Time to build: 1 minute

Building bonus: 1300 XP

Clean cycle: 12 hours

Cleaning bonus: 330 silver


To get the State Fair, you need to complete these recipes in the Workshop, the ingredients are indicated per recipe:

Recipes Ingedients Building Contract Time
4 Encampment 2 Gravel Quarry 30 minutes
1 Stack of Logs Lumber Mill 30 minutes
1 Wooden Barrel Lumber Mill 2 hours
3 Arts and Crafts 4 Leather Ranch 18 hours
6 Textile Factory 30 minutes
4 Instrument Factory 2 hours
1 Jewelry Factory 1 day
2 Sweets and Treats 9 Coffee Candy Coffee Farm,Coffee Plantation 4 hours
1 Ice Cream Coffee Farm,Coffee Plantation 2 days
7 Soda Pop Factory 5 minutes
3 Coconut Candy Coconut Grove 4 hours
2 Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! 12 Plush Toy Industrial Plant 5 minutes
6 Designer Purse Department Store 2 hours
1 Hat Department Store 2 days

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