This article is official City of Wonder Wiki policy. When editing, users should attempt to follow this guide at all times.

This Policy exists to ensure all edits on the City of Wonder Wiki are consistent. Although one way is often as good as another, keeping the articles consistent means that they will be easier to read and to use.


Article (aka Page) Titles

Articles must have appropriate titles. All words major contained within the page title should be capitalized. The only words that should not be capitalized are smaller words, such as "and", "or" and "the". The first word in the title should always be capitalized.

Titles of singular topics should not be pluralised. Therefore, an article about trees should be named Tree and an article about neighbors should be named neighbor. Only where the item is pluralised in the game should the article be pluralised (for example, Strawberries.)

The subject of the article should be in bold only in the first occurrence of the word. Any subsequent occurrences are left as plain text.


Where appropriate, articles should be split up into sections. This makes them easier to read and edit. Each section should have a title.

The title of each section should follow the same guidelines as article titles. These are as follows:

  • The title should not capitalize all words and should only capitalize titles of items in game
  • The first word should be capitalized
  • Only titles of plural items should be pluralized
  • There should not be links in the title
  • The title should be as short as possible


No change(s) should be made to any article which would serve to remove, hide, or relocate existing templates or articles including article layouts. Exception is made for adding data tables to articles. Users are encouraged to add game data to existing articles or create new articles using the New Page Template. Changes to article layouts and templates are reserved for design team administrators. Users may provide suggested changes or additions to layouts and templates through the suggestion box.


No change(s) should be made to any site navigation link which would serve to redirect, remove, hide, or relocate existing site navigation aids. Successful site navigation depends on several layers of links serving to direct users on specific paths. These paths are designed to make the use of this website more logical and manageable. Every effort is made to emulate the game navigation paths therefore all navigation links should match the specific spelling and capitalization of the game even when such emulation results in inappropriate use of grammar or grammatical errors. Any change to a navigation link could result in the "breakage" of the wiki navigation system therefore changes to the wiki site navigation links are reserved for design team administrators. The use of the [[#Redirect:Pagename]] syntax used to redirect users to different pages is specifically reserved for design team administrators.

Article Deletions

When users identify an article they feel is no longer appropriate or needed, they should place the {{Delete}} tag at the top of the page. This notifies an administrator that this page should be reviewed for possible deletion. Administrators usually will not respond specifically to a user regarding deletion requests and users should identify a page for deletion only once. To insure multiple deletion requests are not received on a specific article, users should check the article history prior to marking any page for deletion. Users are prohibited from deleting any complete article (page) within this wiki. This includes removing the complete data of an article (blanking a page). Users may make data change additions in any amount however changes to another user's posted data is


Use two equal signs (==) style markup for headings. Start with ==, add the heading title, then end with ==.

This section's heading was created with the markup:


This subsection's heading was created with the markup:



Text may be styled to improve the appearance of the article.

Font colour

In rare cases, font colour can be used in articles. Dark colors should be used to emphasize certain points. Using bold is a preferred alternative to using colors. Do not use light colors, as they do not show up well on cream or white backgrounds.

Bulleted lists

Bullet points can be used to create a list. To use a bullet point, put an asterisk (*) before each point. For example:

*Point 1
*Point 2
*Point 3
**Sub-point 3

Comes out as:

  • Point 1
  • Point 2
  • Point 3
    • Sub-point 3

Numbered lists

Numbered lists are similar to bulleted lists. They should be used to order items or in step-by-step instructions. To create a number list, put a number sign (#) before each point. For example:

#Point 1
#Point 2
#Point 3

Comes out as:

  1. Point 1
  2. Point 2
  3. Point 3

Bold and italics

Put two apostrophes (''italics'') around text to make it italic. Italics should be used to emphasise single word or phrases. It should not be used for long bits of text.

Put three apostrophes ('''bold''') around text to make it bold. Bold should be used to emphasise longer parts of text, or where italics is not enough. The first appearance of an article's title should be in bold. Any subsequent appearances should be left as plain text.


A link is places by putting square brackets ([[link]]) around words. This will make a link to the article, using the exact words in the link. A link can also be made with a different word as the link, by putting the title, a | symbol then the word you want to appear in square brackets. For example, [[building inventory|inventory]] appears as inventory but is linked to the building inventory article.

  • Links should be added to any articles on a page
  • Links should not be made to the same article multiple time. This means that if the word colony is mentions 5 times, only the first appearance of the word should be linked.
  • Plurals can be linked to by placing the s outside the box. For example, [[cannon]]s will link to cannon and will display as cannons.

Writing articles

The following should be kept in mind when writing articles.

  • Nobody owns the articles. This means that words such as 'I' should be left out.
  • Keep bias out of articles. The Wiki should remain neutral and any personal opinions must be kept out. Useful ideas are allowed in articles.
  • Do not add any unverifiable facts without sourcing the proof. Corrections should be identified using the "Comment" option or talk/discussion page of the applicable article and changes to the article page should only be made after two separate individuals have verified the correction.
  • Keep signatures out of articles. Signatures using the ~~~~ (four tildes) should only and always be used in talk pages or forum responses.

Introductory Sentence

Every article should start with an introductory sentence, naming the thing this article is about (cp. page name), what kind of thing it is (game function, item type, etc.), where users may find/obtain it and when it has been released. Please make sure to use a determiner ("the", etc.) at the beginning of a sentence. Example: "The City of Wonder Wiki is a..." instead of "City of Wonder Wiki is a...".

Basic form of an item introductory sentence: "The (page name) is a (type of item) [optional: on City of Wonder], that has been released on (date) and is available (way to access/get this item)."


"The Double Rainbow is a gift item that was released on the 3rd of March 2010 and is available by gifting. -OR- The Double Rainbow is a giftable decoration on City of Wonder that was released on the 3rd of March 2010."

"The Roman House is a residential building that was released on June 3rd 2010 and can be purchased for 8,000 silver coins in the build section or obtained as a reward for claiming through your email."

"The Shop is a new feature on City of Wonder that was introduced on March 10th 2011, which is available to players of Level 10 and above and can be accessed from clicking on it."

Sizing Conventions

To keep consistency across the Wiki, the following sizing conventions should be used:

  • City Squares are used to determine size
  • A UN Office has an area of 4x4 squares
  • A Food Market has an area of 4x4 squares
  • Therefore, a Food Market beside a UN Office has an area of 4x8

Policy Compliance

Any action which fails to comply with the policy provided herein may be considered malicious vandalism and may subject the user to a "1st Warning". A second policy violation within a 60 (sixty) day period following the first warning will result in a "2nd Warning" and user account ban of 7 (seven) calendar days. A third policy violation within a 60 (sixty) day period following a second warning will result in the user's account being banned permanently


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